The Telco as a Platform Q&A show day two

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Live Q&A discussion

The live Q&A show was broadcast at the end of day two of the Telco as a Platform Summit. TelecomTV’s Guy Daniels was joined by industry guest panellists for this question and answer session. Among the questions raised by our audience were:

  • Which is the better option – an operator-specific API marketplace or a telco industry-level API marketplace?
  • Given the different components that are built into platforms, how will the CSPs differentiate themselves from the various platforms out there?
  • Is there a danger that telcos create APIs for services they want to offer, rather than create APIs for actual problems that developers face?
  • To what extent is a platform strategy dependent upon developer access to telco software development kits (SDKs) that house network-as-a-service (NaaS) APIs?
  • What are the most effective go-to-market strategies for telcos to sell their platform capabilities to the enterprise?
  • Telcos are faced with multiple API standards, different industry bodies, vendor influence, open standards and more. Are these challenges or opportunities?
  • Is the industry ready to move beyond consumers and address enterprise use cases? We’ve been doing this for years – what has changed now?

First Broadcast Live: March 2024



Beth Cohen

SDN Network Product Strategy, Verizon Business Group

Paul Miller

Chief Technology Officer, Wind River

Petar Torre

Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation