The Telco as a Platform Q&A show day one

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Live Q&A discussion

This Q&A show was broadcast at the end of day one of the Telco as a Platform Summit.  Among the questions raised by our audience were:

  • What are the key points of alignment needed between telcos for platform-based deployments?
  • How do we broaden the ‘Telco as a Platform’ message to go beyond cellular and include fixed and Wi-Fi?
  • Are most telcos ready to offer platform services to enterprise customers, or is this capability only with a handful of either very large or niche telcos?
  • How do you see telcos working with aggregators and hyperscalers, given their proximity with developers and enterprises globally?
  • Are we talking about a federated approach to services, with numerous interconnected network platforms?
  • How will platforms integrate with existing telco infrastructure and legacy systems?
  • Does a platform strategy change the product that the CSPs are selling to customers?

First Broadcast Live: March 2024



Francis Haysom

Principal Analyst, Appledore Research

Mark Gilmour

Chief Technology Officer, ConnectiviTree (Europe)

Terje Jensen

SVP Network and Cloud Technology Strategy, Telenor