Anti-phishing net keeps email sharks at bay

© Flickr/cc-licence/Thomas Hawk

© Flickr/cc-licence/Thomas Hawk

  • Email isolation software reduces incidence of phishing attacks on end user devices
  • Symantec solution helps prevent account takeover, credential theft and ransomware
  • Provides a secure "read-only" mode to check out suspicious emails
  • Takes the pressure off pressured employees

Fed up with phishing? Angry about account takeover? Raging about ransomware attacks? Aren't we all? Good news then that cyber security specialist Symantec has come up with Email Threat Isolation, integrated email security software that blocks sophisticated email assaults on end user devices. The solution is designed an answer to the increasing incidence of spear phishing, credential theft, account takeover and ransomware attacks on enterprise email systems that are a major downside of cloud era messaging.

Email is often the Achilles Heel of enterprise level network security. Too many systems are currently unable to isolate and destroy malware and malicious emails be they internal or external to an organisation. Symantec claims Email Threat Isolation takes prevention to a much higher level than is currently the norm by ensuring suspicious links or web pages are isolated, thus allowing quarantined access to the suspect material within a closed and safe environment where remote examination, investigation, tracking and deletion of suspect content can take place. The software can also place risky and suspicious emails into "read-only" mode which prevents unsuspecting employees from inadvertently disclosing sensitive information such as corporate credentials.

Symantec says Email Threat Isolation reduces an enterprise's reliance on the behaviour and consistency of often pressurised employees and gives IT administrators greater control over the email environment. The new product works regardless of whether an enterprise already uses Symantec Email Security or third-party email security solutions.


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Symantec announces industry’s first integrated email threat isolation solution to render advanced email attacks harmless


Innovation represents major step forward in the fight against sophisticated phishing, account takeover, and ransomware attacks

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Symantec Corp (NASDAQ: SYMC), the world’s leading cyber security company, has introduced Email Threat Isolation, which blocks advanced email attacks on end user devices by helping to protect users against spear phishing, credential theft, account takeover and ransomware attacks. Symantec is the first and currently only vendor to offer a complete and integrated email security solution with threat isolation technology for enterprise email, which protects customers from the kind of sophisticated email attacks that are so prevalent in the cloud generation.

“Despite significant efforts by our industry to detect and block email-borne threats, messaging remains the primary vector for malware and scams within the enterprise. The industry requires a paradigm shift to properly secure messaging, and we are excited to be bringing the innovation of integrated isolation technology to email,” said Greg Clark, Symantec CEO. “This revolutionary technology helps enterprises to quickly and easily isolate all malicious email content – both internal and external – to substantially reduce inherent risks within messaging applications. Further, because the technology is cloud-based, organizations can be up and running quickly and easily, reducing stress on already taxed IT teams.”

Email Threat Isolation takes prevention to the next level by ensuring suspicious links to risky web pages are isolated, allowing safe access. This capability gives customers elevated levels of protection against advanced email attacks by creating a secure remote execution environment between users and malicious content. Symantec is the only vendor to offer risk-level based isolation policies to send web traffic from suspicious links to this remote environment, which confines all malicious activity, and only sends a safe visual representation of the content down to the user. In addition, Symantec Email Threat Isolation can render such sites in read-only mode which prevents unsuspecting employees from disclosing sensitive information such as corporate credentials.

Rob Ayoub, Program Director, Security Products, IDC said, “Phishing and ransomware attacks are constantly evolving and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Isolation represents a new approach to defending against these insidious threats and is particularly useful to defend high value targets. Symantec is the first to integrate threat isolation into its email security solution.”

“We are bringing innovation to this critical control point, to significantly reduce reliance on employee behavior, and give IT administrators greater control over their email environment,” said Patrick Gardner, Symantec senior vice president, email security and advanced threat protection. “As part of our mission to deliver an integrated cyber defense platform, we designed Email Threat Isolation to provide advanced phishing protection to all organizations, whether they use Symantec Email Security or third-party email security solutions.”

Symantec Email Threat Isolation is available globally as a cloud-based service or an on-premises solution.

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