EXCLUSIVE: Matt Bross is back with Compass-EOS and its SDN Forwarding Plane, featuring the world's first optical chip-to-chip interconnect

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Matt Bross, ex BT CTO, is back. This time he's championing a technology he claims will impact the IT industry for the next decade. It's Compass-EOS’ icPhotonics technology, the world’s first optical chip-to-chip interconnect, and it solves, claims Matt, the problem of I/O in silicon. The first icPhotonic device runs at 2.7 terabits per second and orchestrates I/O for a single piece of silicon. Bross claims the development has the ability to transform data centre architecture "just by taking out megawatts of power". Further, he says, it unlocks the power of Moore's law by enabling IC I/O 12 times more efficiently and with one fifth the power of existing technology.

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