Build your own open and disaggregated network cloud

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Panel Discussion

The move to public cloud appears at times to be unstoppable, yet there remain many questions over its suitability for telco workloads. So why not build your own network cloud delivery platform, optimised to run telco-specific workloads and capable of supporting targeted digital services for telco customers? What would be the benefits in terms of financial management, knowledge creation and skills retention? What tools and projects could be harnessed to build out an open and disaggregated network cloud infrastructure? And what are the challenges and pitfalls of this approach?

Recorded November 2023


Beth Cohen

SDN Network Product Strategy, Verizon Business Group

Manish Singh

CTO, Telecom Systems Business, Dell Technologies

Paul Miller

Chief Technology Officer, Wind River

Rahul Atri

Consulting Analyst, Appledore

Terje Jensen

SVP of Network and Cloud Technology Strategy, Telenor

Vivek Chadha

SVP & Global Head Telco Cloud, Rakuten Symphony