Using compliance verification to jumpstart open source deployments

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Tom Nadeau, Director of NFV Software Engineering, Red Hat

There was much talk at ONS Europe about compliance verification and how the industry can use this to help jumpstart open source deployment. The way open source works today is that there are many components and pieces that need to be put together and assembled, which leads to an integration challenge. This in turn means that there is a testing challenge and a compliance challenge. There’s a believe that the community can improve the process if it can centralise much of this verification work, leaving the last few percent to specific telcos. In other words, let's try to solve the common problem together and leverage that. As to who should be overseeing this compliance verification, the best solution is likely to be a collective of both operators and vendors, so that operators can provide requirements that the vendors can then execute on that.

Filmed at: ONS Europe, Antwerp, Belgium, September 2019

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