Deutsche Telekom makes its Open Telekom Cloud hybrid

© Deutsche Telekom

© Deutsche Telekom

  • Unified solution for hybrid, private and public cloud services
  • Says it is the only telco with a managed hybrid model based on OpenStack
  • Complies with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation
  • Dedicated servers can be located in data centres or at a customer’s facility

Deutsche Telekom’s Open Telekom Cloud is now available as a hybrid cloud solution, having previously only been available as a public cloud platform operating from its certified and secure data centres in Germany. Corporate customers of the telco can now use these OpenStack-based public cloud services on top of dedicated servers, storage and network devices – fully isolated and dedicated infrastructure. These can be located either at Deutsche Telekom’s data centres, which companies access via a secure connection, or the telco can install the necessary hardware and software directly on-site at a customer’s facility.

“We are currently the only provider on the market offering this kind of managed-hybrid-cloud model based on OpenStack,” says Frank Strecker, who is responsible for Deutsche Telekom’s cloud business. “This gives companies access to a unique level of flexibility beyond any on-premise and public cloud limitations, incredible processing speed and our well-known high standards regarding security and data protection.”

The development enables many companies, which previously were unable to use public cloud services for certain tasks, to consider using IT resources based on the open networking standard OpenStack. For example, they may wish to use the Open Telekom Cloud locally on dedicated servers at facilities abroad due to compliance or latency concerns. The certified Open Telekom Cloud already complies with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Specialists from Deutsche Telekom handle all aspects of implementation, operation, maintenance and service according to the highest security standards, making it easy for companies to start using the cloud without prior knowledge. In addition, companies can expand their dedicated resources with public cloud capacity from Deutsche Telekom’s data centres at any time.

“The Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid Solution provides customers a unique experience of using popular public cloud services on a secure, fully managed and dedicated environment and also the flexibility of using public cloud services of Open Telekom Cloud in parallel,” says Zhipeng Ren from Huawei’s Cloud Business Unit, which is the telco’s technology partner as well as the hardware and software supplier for its Open Telekom Cloud. “We remain proud of our product innovation and robust alliance with Deutsche Telekom.”

Companies can order the Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid Solution starting immediately, with Deutsche Telekom commencing the installation of dedicated components at customer sites in the second quarter of 2018.

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