Internet of Everything poised to impact everywhere

Jun 19, 2013

The report is the result of a study of 7,500 global business and IT leaders in 12 countries. The Internet of Everything is the networked connection of people, process, data and things, and the increased value that occurs as “everything” joins the network.

Cisco says that the study shows that success in the IoE won't be based on geography or company size but on who can adapt fastest.

While businesses in the United States, China and Germany are poised to realise the greatest level of profits in 2013, IoE value is spread across companies around the globe: The 12 countries included in the study, which account for nearly 70 percent of global Gross Domestic Product, are expected to realise the following value from IoE in 2013:

billions1 United States - $253.0

2 China - $76.9

3 Germany -$54.4

4 Japan - $41.0

5 Australia - $35.6

6 France - $32.2

7 Canada - $30.2

8 United Kingdom - $28.4

9 India - $18.2

10 Brazil - $17.3

11 Russia - $17.0

12 Mexico - $9.2

To maximise value from the Internet of Everything, firms should focus on the IoE-driven capabilities that will benefit their industries most:Manufacturing companies: real-time, multidimensional data analysis; integrated video collaboration; remote tracking of physical assets.Energy companies: integration of sensor data; ability to locate experts; predictive analytics.Retailers: predictive analytics and data visualisation; BYOD and interacting with customers using rich media; mobile payments and remote customer monitoring.

Among industries, services ($158.8 billion) and manufacturing ($103.1 billion) realised the greatest IoE value in 2013.

The key drivers of IoE value in 2013 are expected to be:

billions1 Supply Chain - $158.7

2 Customer Experience - $145.2

3 Innovation - $110.5

4 Asset Utilisation - $109.7 billion

5 Employee Productivity - $89.3 billion

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