Google strikes back and sues BT for infringing its technology

Feb 15, 2013

That was after going on about the iniquities of using intellectual property to quell competition. What did it then do? Google bought a huge stash just to ‘defend itself’ (anyone else hear an echo of the US gun law controversy?). And now, like the crazed evangelist who hurled a bible at Woody Allen (he survived because of a bullet he kept in his breast pocket), Google has fired off a patent claim at BT because, it’s said, BT had fired one at it first.

BT launched a case against Google in 2011 (back then everyone was doing it). Now Google says that BT has infringed patents it now holds on a PC telephony technique. The companies are supposed to square up in a Delaware court for a mediation hearing in July on the original BT filing.

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