Be careful out there, cyber-thievery is everywhere

Aug 21, 2013


McAfee Labs released its Second Quarter Report today to warn of SMS-stealing banking malware, fraudulent dating apps, and data-stealing apps; and ransomware, with more incidences of the last in 2013 than in all previous periods combined.

Here are some of the lowlights.

- Banking Malware is a big one. McAfee researchers identified four significant pieces of mobile malware that capture the traditional usernames and passwords, and then intercept SMS messages containing bank account login credentials. The malicious parties then directly access accounts and transfer funds.

- Fraudulent Dating Apps are experiencing a knee-trembling surge. These dupe users into signing up for paid services that do not exist. The profits from the purchases are later supplemented by the ongoing theft and sale of user information and personal data stored on the devices. Nice.

- Trojanised Apps. This is where legitimate apps are altered to act as spyware on users' devices. These threats collect a large amount of personal user information (contacts, call logs, SMS messages, location) and upload the data to the attacker’s server.

- Fake Tools. Cyber criminals are also using apps posing as helpful tools, such as app installers that actually install spyware that collects and forwards valuable personal data.

- A really nasty one is Ransomware and its use is rocketing. They take over your machine and demand money to give it back. Then they don't give it back, money or no.

Still feeling comfortable there on the beach? I'll bet you're relaxing through the day and caning the old plastic in the evening? Good luck on finding any money in your account when you do.

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