14 things you may not know about Cerillion

Oct 4, 2013

1. Cerillion is well known for its work with Communications Services Providers (CSPs) around the world, but did you know that our software is also used to process millions of transactions on the London Stock Exchange every week?

2. Though our origins are distinctly as a UK company, Cerillion systems have been deployed in 6 out of 7 continents – Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. We haven’t had the call yet for Antarctica, but you never know…

3. Working for Cerillion inevitably means lots of opportunities for travel, but with such a diverse range of customer locations packing a suitcase can be rather challenging when the difference in temperature between our hottest customer site and coldest site is a whopping 35°C (based on mean annual temperatures). Can you work out which are the hottest and coldest sites?

4. The strength of the Cerillion solution is that not only is it service agnostic, but it also scales up and down, enabling us to support an incredibly diverse array of clients and business models. Consequently there is no standard blueprint for a Cerillion customer, only a common need amongst them to have a flexible solution to meet their own unique business needs. This diversity is best illustrated with a few specific examples:

- Columbus Communications – a multi-service cable operator offering prepaid video services

- Gibtelecom – the all-in-one multi-service Telco

- M2 Telecommunications – multi-brand Wholesale and Retail services

- Truphone – multi-currency and multi-company billing for global roaming service

- yuMobile – prepaid CRM in a high growth market

5. Cerillion continues to invest in developing leading edge technology to ensure our customers stay at the forefront of the industry. We’re well known for our pioneering work with O2 / Manx Telecom billing for the World’s first 3G and HSDPA services, and with the deployment of our Convergent Charging System (CCS) we are enabling Manx Telecom to monetise their next generation LTE infrastructure too.

6. This year we’ve also launched Cerillion Skyline, bringing the power of our telecoms-grade charging and billing solution to the nascent cloud billing market and opening a whole new field of opportunity for sophisticated billing in other industry verticals.

7. The breadth and depth of Cerillion’s product suite is comparable with the largest solution providers in the BSS industry. But what makes Cerillion unique is the fact that this suite has been built by Cerillion from the ground-up based on a common technology stack, rather than through acquisition of disparate products from other companies. So when a customer buys a pre-integrated solution from Cerillion, the focus is on integrating the solution into the business, not integrating the components with each other.

8. Starting from just three weeks to establish a Managed Service and ten weeks for a complete end-to-end deployment of Cerillion Express, Cerillion provides the fastest possible delivery and lowest risk deployment of any vendor in the market today. And with Cerillion Skyline, customers can even sign-up online for a free trial and do the implementation themselves.

9. Cerillion is growing and profitable, and has not had to raise any external capital since 2002.

10. The company’s head office is in Shaftesbury Avenue, at the heart of London’s famous ‘theatreland’ and surrounded by the cultural centres of Covent Garden, Soho and Chinatown, making it a fantastic place to work and play.

11. Cerillion’s Global Solutions Centre (GSC) was opened in the hi-tech centre of Pune, India, in May 2007 and now represents around 45% of the workforce. We operate global development, support and delivery teams across all our office locations, and staff from India are regularly seconded to the London office as part of a rolling programme of training and staff integration.

12. Reflecting the multi-cultural nature of a global business, Cerillion employs staff of 15 different nationalities across its UK, India and Malta offices.

13. Cerillion achieves a very high rate of staff retention through a mix of innovative and challenging work, where employees get to solve real-world technical problems on a daily basis, and a fun working environment with a vibrant social scene. Regular company organised events such as after work drinks once a month, Friday cakes in the office each week and family days out all contribute to a very friendly atmosphere and a good work-life balance.

14. And finally, the origins of the name Cerillion – what does it mean and why was it chosen? Well Cerillion is an adaptation of the word cerulean, which is a shade of blue, similar to azure or sky blue. It was chosen to represent the “blue sky” thinking and vision for the company. And considering the software industry’s transition to cloud computing, this couldn’t be more appropriate.

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