Tencent and The Things Network partner for fast adoption of LoRaWAN in China

Via LoRa Alliance

May 23, 2019

Kunming, May 22, 2019 - Tencent partners with The Things Network to bring LoRaWAN to China. Enterprises, governments, universities, startups and professional makers are invited to join Tencent Things Network and collaborate on building the open network to create abundant connectivity for Internet of Things devices. This announcement was made at the Tencent Global Digital Eco Summit in Kunming, China.

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LoRaWAN is a novel wireless communication standard, designed for battery powered devices that require low bandwidth. The technology is ideal for large scale IoT deployments due to the low power consumption and long range connectivity that it offers. LoRaWAN is already in use around the world for innovative applications, such as tracking the location and health of cattle across farms in New Zealand, monitoring water levels to prevent floods in the UK, industrial automation across connected factories in Brasil and tracking wildlife in Africa. At present, over 87 million LoRa-enabled devices have been deployed worldwide.


Tencent's technological advantages and strong brand influence in the field of cloud computing, combined with The Things Network's open LoRaWAN model and a series of easy-to-use development tools, will enable IoT innovators to speed up the development and commercialization of LoRaWAN solutions.


Tencent Things Network will provide open access to the LoRaWAN network that meets the specifications set by the LoRa Alliance. On the application side, Tencent Things Network provides the WeChat Mini Program and the Tencent Cloud IoT Hub integration. The WeChat Mini Program is an easy to use tool for lightweight applications. The Tencent Cloud IoT Hub is a rich engine to support companies with creating advanced, innovative solutions.

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