PaketButler now available nationwide


  • A simple and secure way to receive your parcels when you are not at home
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M) solution for consumers, self-employed persons, and small businesses
  • Convenient returns management via the delivery service

No more waiting for the parcel delivery service, no more having to arrange extra deliveries. Following a successful regional launch in four German cities, PaketButler is available nationwide from November 14th. PaketButler is based on an M2M system and provides a convenient way for people to receive their parcels even when they are not at home. And the system is also ideal for users' returns and own shipments. Deutsche Telekom has developed the PaketButler system in close cooperation with feldsechs service Gesellschaft, located in Hamburg, and has introduced it to the market in close cooperation with DHL Paket. "Right on time for the Christmas season, with its especially high volumes of parcel shipments, we're offering PaketButler, the ideal way to receive your parcels even when you're not home. With it, we're bringing the Internet of Things – along with your parcels – right to your door," explains Conrad Riedesel, Head of Commercial Management M2M, Deutsche Telekom.

Fast information, via the PaketButler app

When a delivery is ready to be made, the delivery service asks the user to place the special folding PaketButler box at his doorstep. The delivery person opens the box by pressing an action button. He then places the parcel in it and locks the box by closing its lid. Once it has been locked, the box can be opened only via entry of a PIN number known exclusively to the recipient. The recipient is then informed, via the PaketButler app, that his shipment has been delivered. The PaketButler system also offers users a convenient way of having their returns and their own shipments picked up. The user simply places his return or own shipment in the box and then uses the app to order a pickup. The delivery service promptly picks up the user's parcel, from the box. Needless to say, the user does not have to be home.

Insured against theft

The PaketButler box is suitable for a great variety of shipments. It can accept parcels as large as 30x50x70cm and as heavy as 31,5 kilograms. It goes without saying that the system's design places top priority on security. For reliable theft protection, the PaketButler box has a tear-resistant anchor belt that the user places between door and frame. Each PaketButler box is insured to a value of 180 euros, and items placed in the box are insured against theft to a value of 750 euros. What's more, PaketButler boxes are made of extremely rugged, tear-resistant and fireproof material.

The PaketButler box may be purchased for a one-time charge of 249 euros. That price includes use of the ButlerConnect service; the PaketButler app is free of charge. The PaketButler system is available from November 14th for purchase nationwide from Deutsche Telekom; to order, go to The PaketButler can also be purchased from feldsechs, at, via the online marketplace at, and from Amazon.

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