Rakuten Symphony Launches IoT Space Management Solution 'Rakuten NEO' in Japan

Tokyo - Rakuten Symphony today announced the full-scale commercial launch of “Rakuten NEO,” an advanced AI-based IoT (Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things) solution for automating space management, in Japan.

Designed to enhance the operational efficiency of unmanned businesses in markets seeking solutions for labor shortages, Rakuten NEO is an AI-based IoT solution equipped with sophisticated machine learning algorithms and sensor technology. This solution supports the rapid growth of fully unmanned businesses as well as the transition of existing staffed businesses to unmanned operations. It enhances space management efficiency and reduces operational costs, maximizing business profits as a result.

Rakuten NEO provides remote support for premises access control, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), humidity management and other operational system controls, in addition to inventory inspections. It quickly detects and responds to unauthorized access, water leaks and other emergencies. This allows for management of multiple spaces simultaneously in real-time with minimal staff presence. The solution is offered on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model and enables customers to select the functions they need for their businesses, making cost reductions and efficient operations more achievable.

Rakuten NEO is provided in partnership with Rakuten Symphony and South Korean startup Alicorn. Based on the Alicorn Space AI (ASA) service launched by Alicorn in 2020, Rakuten NEO represents a significant advancement in unmanned office management. By integrating ASA into their own co-working office service, Alicorn has successfully enabled a single operator to manage 12 offices over 600 kilometers apart. Today, more than 10 major South Korean companies, including GS Holdings Corp. and Shinhan Securities Co., Ltd., have adopted this solution to leverage its unmanned automation capabilities, resulting in up to an 80% reduction in labor costs and significantly enhanced operational efficiency for GS Holdings.

Building on this success, Rakuten Symphony is rolling out Rakuten NEO, initially targeting the Japanese market and subsequently expanding globally. This strategic launch aims to capture the AI-based IoT market for fully unmanned business operations, offering cutting-edge automation and operational efficiency enhancements.

In Japan, the unmanned storage solutions provider Marine Box has already successfully implemented Rakuten NEO to significantly enhance its operational efficiency. The company seamlessly manages access control, remotely controls temperature and humidity for stored items, and receives real-time alerts for leaks and fires through Rakuten NEO. This approach allows Marine Box to reduce personnel costs while simultaneously improving the quality of its storage services.

Rakuten NEO is not only designed for unmanned storage services but also extends its innovative capabilities to various sectors, including offices, showrooms, accommodations, golf driving ranges, gyms and coin laundries. This versatile solution offers cost-effective and efficient management across a wide range of unmanned business operations

Ryan Son, President of Rakuten Symphony’s Internet Services Business Unit, commented, “The retail industry in Japan is currently facing significant labor shortages. Through Rakuten NEO, we aim to mitigate the losses that companies are experiencing due to this workforce challenge and provide socially beneficial services that align with Rakuten's corporate philosophy. We expect Rakuten NEO to alleviate the burdens of hiring, managing staff and controlling costs for business owners.”

Rakuten is committed to contributing to society by creating value through innovation and entrepreneurship. By leveraging Rakuten NEO’s innovative AI-based IoT technology, Rakuten Symphony aims to alleviate labor shortage issues and enable businesses to operate even more efficiently.

Visit the official Rakuten NEO website for more information: https://rakuten-neo.com/en

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