New Eclipse member Orange and Deutsche Telekom demonstrate joint initiative on oneM2M based cloud APIs for Smart Home and consumer IoT

Via Orange

Oct 23, 2017

Eclipse IoT projects – Eclipse OM2M and Eclipse SmartHome – are used and enhanced to ease the life of developers.

In Ludwigsburg, Germany, during EclipseCon (October 24 – 26), the new member of the Eclipse Foundation, Orange together with member Deutsche Telekom, will showcase and demonstrate how open source software and open standards along with commercial solutions can be used to create an ecosystem that addresses the needs of developers and consumers.

The Internet of Things market will provide major opportunities for all businesses as well as new innovative services to facilitate customers’ everyday lives. In the field of Smart Home, many players are already involved ; facilitating the construction of an efficient ecosystem around IoT (device, application…) will be crucial. Orange is joining the Eclipse Foundation as part of its innovation collaboration strategy to promote open APIs and accelerate the growth of this market.

Smart Home systems and consumer IoT offer a myriad of potential services given the ever-growing number of connectible devices and uses. As user expectations grow, application development can potentially become a bottleneck. This initiative will enable developers to develop an application once and run it across multiple environments. This will expand its reach across multiple usages, and save developers critical time to focus on enhancing or developing new applications instead of investing in customizations to cope with differing APIs.

Orange Labs and Telekom Innovation Labs have defined a set of cloud APIs, based on the oneM2M standard that gives access to their respective commercial Smart Home and consumer IoT infrastructure, solutions and devices. They have built a demonstrator based on Open Source software from the Eclipse IoT project’s Eclipse OM2M and Eclipse SmartHome. The cloud APIs exposed in the cloud allow 3rd party applications – especially an elderly care application from Telegrafik on Eclipse event booth –, to run their application with both operators’ environments.

The Orange environment integrates the, Orange Datavenue IoT, Data Analytics offer and Orange home gateway with SoftAtHome software. The Deutsche Telekom environment integrates oneM2M cloud APIs above Qivicon infrastructure.

Thibault de la Fresnaye, Orange VP of Smart Home anticipation is convinced that

“the service and device creation of the IoT ecosystem require universal APIs to be shared by a core set of platform providers, open to a wide developer community. That’s why Orange launched this joint effort with Deutsche Telekom based on the Eclipse framework”.

Thomas Rockmann, VP Connected Home (Qivicon) Deutsche Telekom AG, endorses this major bet: “The cooperation with the Eclipse Foundation enables our open platform approach and it simplifies the integration of new smart home devices. Open systems and standards are a key element of our portfolio, and are an important driver for consumer satisfaction. Our project with Orange demonstrates our joint capabilities to expand use cases and devices, while continuing to deliver easy-to-use and interoperable devices.”

David Viret-Lange, CEO of SoftAtHome comments:

“As a software provider for Smart Home solution, our objective is to offer an open and evolutive solution to operators so that they can extend their ecosystems. SoftAtHome is very excited to contribute to this initiative. We believe that oneM2M standard can be a key accelerator in this fragmented IoT market.”

oneM2M is a global partnership project, like 3GPP, composed of regional standards organizations to create service layer optimizations to ensure the functionality and interoperability of cross-domain IoT. Specifically in the Smart Home domain, oneM2M enables the abstraction from specific home network technologies: by providing a Home Automation Information Model, oneM2M proposes a large set of device data models described in a universal template.

Based on these specifications the cloud APIs were defined and implemented using and enhancing the implementations of oneM2M specifications by Eclipse OM2M project. Several code contributions have been made to the project and are available on the Eclipse Foundation git repository. As a bridge between Eclipse SmartHome and Eclipse OM2M a so called Interworking Proxy has been implemented. The joint demonstrator at EclipseCon shows the advantages of open source cloud APIs implemented by several IoT platform operators, used by application vendors and backed by the wide Eclipse community.

Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation:

“Eclipse IoT is already a wide set of projects backed by strong member and development communities. It is a pleasure to welcome a new telecom operator such as Orange to the Eclipse Foundation, and as a supporting member of Eclipse IoT”.

About the Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse is an open source community whose projects are focused on providing an extensible development platform and application frameworks for building software. Eclipse provides extensible tools and frameworks that span the software development lifecycle, including support for modeling, language development environments for Java, C/C++ and others, testing and performance, business intelligence, rich client applications and embedded development. A large, vibrant ecosystem of major technology vendors, innovative start-ups, universities and research institutions and individuals extend, complement and support the Eclipse Platform.

About Deutsche Telekom white label smart home portfolio

The Deutsche Telekom white label smart home portfolio is comprised of the open and secure Qivicon Smart Home platform, smart home gateways, apps, devices and services. The smart home portfolio lets companies expand their core business into new segments quickly and easily by allowing them to offer their own smart home solutions. These companies are fully independent in terms of offering definition, brand, sales channels and pricing. More than 40 companies are now collaborating with Deutsche Telekom. A constantly growing number of additional partner companies will also market their own smart home offerings under their own brands on the Qivicon platform.

As a member of the Eclipse Foundation, Qivicon is opening its platform to developers and start-ups wishing to realize their ideas, apps and devices based on Eclipse SmartHome. The Eclipse Foundation is one of the largest independent developer communities.

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