Maiden voyage of BULLS Sturmvogel

Aug 24, 2015

  • BULLS, Telekom, and Brose showcase a networked e-Bike
  • Remote e-Bike diagnosis, tracking and emergency calls now available
  • Launch of special model series scheduled for 2017

The bicycle manufacturer BULLS, the e-Bike system producer Brose and Telekom are making e-Bikes smart. At Eurobike 2015, the partners will be presenting their joint development, the networked electric bicycle "BULLS Sturmvogel E Evo". In future, it will be possible to get information on the bike's location and battery charge at any time using a smartphone app. And any customers wanting a little extra service can request BULLS and Brose to check the networked electric motor on a regular basis using remote diagnosis and be informed of any service required via the app. BULLS is planning the market launch of the Sturmvogel E Evo in Germany as a special networked model in 2017. The e-Bike will be available without its networked features in 2016.

The bike's "central nervous system" is a match box-sized technical unit built into the e-Bike's frame. The so-called on board unit (OBU) is fitted with a SIM card, a miniature processor (micro controller), a bluetooth interface, a motion sensor and a GPS module. The OBU and electric motor are linked together via a CAN bus interface through which the e-motor transmits information on run time and battery level. The OBU sends this data over the mobile phone network to a highly secured T-Systems data center and to the user's app. And users will no longer have to return to the dealership when updates are available: the OBU receives the new driver software via the air interface and installs the software update entirely automatically via the CAN bus.

No nasty surprises

Whether on the move or at home, users will always know where their bike is and how much farther it can travel without recharging. If the bike is stolen, the smartphone app or the cloud platform can find it and notify the police of its location immediately.

The bike's motion sensor recognizes unusually fast breaking and excessive tilting. In such cases, the bike's integrated display first checks whether the rider is ok. If the user fails to react and does not continue riding, the bike sends a text message with location data to a pre-defined contact person. In the event of accidents in remote areas, this makes it easier to find the cyclist quickly and provide assistance.

Using remote diagnosis the service app informs the user about the e-Bike's condition at all times. The numerous in-built sensors analyze wear and tear to the breaks, motor, battery and, in the future, will do so for many other components also. As a result inspections can be carried out promptly and worn parts replaced at the right time. Unexpected incidents like flat tires or uncharged batteries are now a thing of the past.

Further development of the industry

This technology, which the partners are developing in collaboration with the bicycle manufacturer HERCULES, is also intended for use in fleet and delivery bikes. Fleet operators in particular can benefit from the networking technology: thanks to remote diagnosis and the many sensors on the bike, fleet operators know everything about their bikes at all times: when each bike needs service, when best to use the bike where and how to avoid down time. Additional functions can be added easily to meet customers' needs. HERCULES is also planning to launch the first networked delivery bikes in 2017.

The partners present the BULLS Sturmvogel E EVO at the Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen from August 26 to 29 at the BULLS stand, Hall B3 Stand 401, and the HERCULES Transporter at the HERCULES stand, Hall A4 Stand 201. You can also find more information at

Secure networking solutions for the bicycle sector

Telekom announced its first collaboration in "networked bicycles" at Eurobike 2014 and has continued to develop the technology since then. In addition to the networked BULLS Sturmvogel, at Eurobike 2015 Telekom and its partner PSP GmbH will also be showcasing a concealed tracking system for stolen bikes. The VELOCATE tail light is attached to the luggage rack and fitted with a Telekom SIM card, GPS and vicinity location using bluetooth. Power is supplied via dynamo or the e-Bike's on-board voltage. The system, developed by PSP, can be connected to smartphones easily. A pan-European tracking service is included in the purchase price.

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