LIFE CONTROL: A simple and effective solution for controlling the home

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Mar 15, 2017

Life Control is a brand new device ecosystem that encompasses several areas: Smart Home, Fitness and Geolocation.

  • The unique Life Control ecosystem, which was developed by MegaLabs, includes a broad range of sensors that can be selected based on individual requirements.
  • The company is offering an affordable starter set of devices that can be added to with devices from Life Control and from other producers in future.
  • All the sensors are plug & play, meaning they are easy to connect and use.
  • The system is controlled through a mobile smartphone app available for iOS and Android.*

Starting 27 December 2016 , devices produced under the Life Control brand will go on sale in Russian electronics shops, MegaFon stores and on the shelves of branded outlets. Life Control is a comprehensive ecosystem of affordable smart devices that are fully ready to connect and use instantly. The first devices are available in Moscow, St Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. They will work anywhere in the country.

The Life Control system handles a whole range of tasks related to remote control of home systems and ensuring the security of a house or apartment. It includes a number of sensors to ensure the safe and efficient use of electrical appliances in the house. GPS trackers and fitness bracelets can also be connected to the system. The plan is to expand the range of devices and sensors available in future.

“Life Control is a brand new device ecosystem that encompasses several areas: Smart Home, Fitness and Geolocation. Thanks to its more than affordable price and also the reliability and convenience of using it to control the home, as well as its open architecture and the extensive range of use cases, we anticipate that Life Control will be a reliable assistant for most residents of the country. Today we are releasing reliable and useful devices from the Smart Home area on the market. I am confident that in the coming years Life Control gadgets will become a familiar element of any household, just like smartphones are today,” said Sergey Sobolev, Director of IoT Development at MegaLabs.

The system is controlled through the site, as well as a mobile app for smartphones and tablets. Users remotely control the system, setting the parameters for devices themselves, as well as scenarios for how they work together. Information about important events is sent to users in real time as text message alerts, push notifications or emails.

All that’s needed for the system to work is the Smart Home Center (recommended retail price (RRP) 8,900 rubles), which, thanks to the fact it supports all communications protocols, accumulates information from all the sensors. All other devices can be chosen based on individual requirements and the configuration of their building.

Customers can already buy a range of devices that can be combined depending on their personal needs:

  • Smart socket (recommended retail price (RRP) 1,990 rubles). Makes it possible to switch electrical appliances on and off remotely and also saves data on power consumption and supports the creation of use scenarios.
  • Leakage sensor (RRP 2,690 rubles). Monitors floods in real time and reports any water leakage.
  • Motion sensor (RRP 1,550 rubles). Can be placed on a shelf or attached to the wall. Covers an angle of 120°.
  • Smart bulb (RRP 1,550 rubles). An LED light bulb that lets people control their lighting remotely, switching on and off the light. Color choice and warmth settings.
  • Opening and closing sensor (RRP 1,490 rubles). Can be installed on a window or door and reacts to breaking of the circuit thanks to built-in sensors.
  • Smoke sensor (RRP 2,390 rubles). Detects smoke. Works up to 20m.
  • Wi-Fi camera (RRP 3,990 rubles). Seamless video streaming. Automatically starts recording when motion is detected or if there is a loud noise. Covers an angle of 125°. Microphone. Night mode.
  • Plant care sensor (RRP 2,690 rubles). Reports soil moisture level, temperature and light level.
  • Fitness tracker (RRP 2,590 rubles). Worn on the arm, analyzes physical activity and sleep. Data displayed in mobile app.

New devices will be added in early 2017

  • Geo tracker with SIM card. Uses GPS/Glonass to detect location, accurate to several meters. Can easily be worn on the arm, attached to a bicycle or rucksack, placed on a pet’s collar or left in the car.
  • Air quality sensor. Analyzes and reports carbon monoxide (CO) and volatile organic compound (VOC) content in the air, as well as air temperature and humidity.

Using the Life Control system makes it possible to react quickly to potential threats, remotely control electrical appliances and lighting, and track the location of children, pets or vehicles. Fitness trackers can also be connected into the ecosystem, accumulating information about their owner’s physical activity and sleep.

All devices have been tested in real-life conditions and have proven to be highly reliable. The Smart Home Center works using mobile internet so can be used in remote locations anywhere there is mobile reception, for example in an out-of-town house. It can also be used as a router for other internet devices.

The Smart Home Center, as well as geo trackers, work using SIM cards from MegaFon, the Russian leader in the development of mobile-internet-based services. The operator has created a tariff specially tailored to how the Life Control system works.

Depending on the number of options used and devices connected, the monthly fee for use of the Life Control system starts at 300 rubles. Use of the service is free until 1 April 2017.

“The new MegaLabs-developed product is undoubtedly the best value for money solution on the market. All leading global operators are showing an interest in similar systems. We are the first player on the Russian telecommunications market to launch a fully-fledged Smart Home ecosystem. Fast mobile internet from MegaFon makes it possible to play out a huge number of scenarios for using the system, from a simple text message about a sensor being activated through to high quality video streaming. Our network’s broad coverage will ensure reliable functioning of the system anywhere in Russia,” said Yan Kukhalsky, New Business and Partnerships Director at MegaFon.

The Life Control app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. More information about the system can be found at

MegaLabs is a 100% subsidiary of MegaFon. It was created at the end of 2011 as a center for innovative developments and to quickly launch additional MegaFon services. MegaLabs helps MegaFon win leading positions on adjacent markets (content and media, mobile finance, mobile ads, cloud solutions and others). The company’s main focus is quickly taking state-of-the-art products and services to market through effective partnerships with well-known market players and ambitious young teams. MegaLabs is also a platform for MegaFon’s experimental developments.

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