Huawei introduces ‘TechCity 2.0’ to drive a better connected world

New Concept Fuels Operators’ Technology Leadership, Business Success and Social Responsibility

[Tokyo, Japan, November 25, 2016] At the 2016 Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Huawei officially outlined the new concept of ‘TechCity 2.0’, stimulating a new level of cooperation with telecom operators all around the world.

In recent years, the MBB industry has witnessed rapid development, with new technologies and services emerging to enable high-speed connectivity over mobile networks. However, embracing these new technologies and services is often challenging for telecom operators. The advent of TechCity helps telecom operators overcome issues of long service rollout periods and extended processes for introducing new technology. This accelerates the maturity of technologies and services to boost their commercial application.

TechCity also functions as a trial field for operators to perform end-to-end verification on business models of new technologies and services. By demonstrating the value of new technologies and services through TechCity, they can receive wider industry recognition improving their ability to create greater benefits for society.

By focusing on the fast introduction of new technologies and services to commercial networks, TechCity 1.0 has successfully enabled technological leadership for telecom operators. Today, new characteristics of the mobile Internet industry have emerged, including a smarter network, an open platform, higher service diversity, and extended responsibilities. To meet these characteristics, Huawei proposes TechCity 2.0 with the theme of a ‘Better Connected City’.

By delivering a MBB network with better coverage and connectivity capabilities as an information sharing platform, TechCity 2.0 is dedicated to enhancing business prosperity and people's livelihoods, as well as increasing connectivity between people, between people and machines, and between machines and machines, to improve the efficiency of entire societies.

Designed to build a better fully-connected city, TechCity 2.0 will drive operators' leadership in three core areas: technology, business, and social responsibility.

  • Technology leadership: TechCity 2.0 enables new technologies to quickly demonstrate business and social values enabling telecom operators to make fast decisions on applying new technologies to their commercial networks. The spectral efficiency and network resource usage can therefore be increased.
  • Business leadership: TechCity 2.0 places significant emphasis on the commercial incubation of solutions and maturity of the industry. Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises can explore new business opportunities, turning their technological advantages into business leadership.
  • Social responsibility leadership: TechCity 2.0 enables telecom operators to increase the connectivity efficiency of society, raise the living standards of people, and improve public safety in cities through new technologies. In this way, their cutting-edge network solutions can be accessed and shared by more people, fulfilling their social responsibilities.

Dr. Peter Zhou, CMO of Huawei Wireless Network, said:

"TechCity 2.0 not only helps telecom operators maintain their technological leadership but also resolves technological and business issues by scaling the deployment of new technologies and services. Huawei hopes to work hand in hand with operators and the entire industry to explore new service opportunities and facilitate greater social responsibility."

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