City Parking and Remote Car Diagnostics: The Future of Vehicle Networks

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The CarCoDe consortium, which includes the participation of PT Inovação, held in the Business Association of Beira Baixa, in Castelo Branco, the event "Vehicles Networks in Future Societies".

This event was attended by over 100 participants and was also by the Mayor of Castelo Branco in the opening panel. The main objective was the discussion of issues associated with technological change in the automotive world and its impact on building a more sustainable society.

Filipe Cabral Pinto, from PT Inovação, was one of the guest speakers. He proposed the extension of the smart cities concept to the non-urban space, in order to maximize the creation of a smarter country. He also participated in a round table where were discussed the main challenges to the materialization of the Internet of Things.

In the CarCoDe project, it was evolved the Application Enablement platform of M2M of PT Inovação, which played a leading role in mediating data between applications and sensors. The managed connectivity was also used in the IoT information gathering thus ensuring the connection with the M2M platform.

In addition to its involvement in the applications resulting from the project, PT Inovação attended the event with demonstrations of their solutions in Managed Connectivity, eHealth and Assisted Living, particularly the Smart2M, Medigraf and SmartAL products.

During the event were also presented in a real environment the two main demonstrators of the CarCoDe project: the City Parking and Remote Car Diagnostics .

City Parking is an application specialized in the search for automobile's parking. It intend to introduce a new type of service in the car ecosystem to promote a simple and intelligent parking. The driver, through a mobile application, indicates its intention to park. City Parking system looks for car parks near the destination, exposing the distance and the number of free places in each park. Then, the driver chooses the desired park and the application lead him to the selected park. The City Parking system integrated the information of the Resopark and SolTrafego parks, allowing the collection of the number of free locations in real time. For the directions to the parks, the application uses the NDrive .

In its turn, the Remote Car Diagnostics application allows the acquisition and transmission of real-time sensory information about the vehicle, enabling to predict failures and decrease the risk in driving. At Castelo Branco, the application was demonstrated using a BMW through a device connected to the vehicle, conveyed all the information collected for the application that sets out all the information.

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