AT&T Announces Special Offer to Help Prevent Home Water Waste and a Contribution to Protect California’s Water Resources


New Statewide Offer Provides Bill Credit for Water Detection Service and Donates $10 for Digital Life Purchases to The Nature Conservancy

**SACRAMENTO, Calif,. Aug. 18, 2015 — Building off AT&T’s commitment to water conservation, the company today announced a special offer to help California customers prevent a major source of home water waste – leaks – while also making a contribution to The Nature Conservancy to help protect California’s water resources.

For a limited time, starting on August 18, 2015, new AT&T customers are eligible to receive a bill credit of $5/month for 6 months when they sign up for AT&T Digital Life and add a Water Detection package[1]. Existing customers will also be eligible to receive a bill credit of $5/month for 6 months when they add a Water Detection package to their existing Digital Life service2. The AT&T Digital Life Water Detection service allows customers to receive alerts on their mobile devices when a sensor detects the presence of water in a designated area in their home. In addition to the AT&T Digital Life Water Detection service offer, new customers can instead get a bill credit of $10/month for 6 months when they sign up for AT&T Digital Life Water Control service, which not only detects water leaks but also allows users to shut off the water source remotely – from their mobile phone or tablet – thereby stopping a leak and reducing/limiting home water waste.

AT&T will also make a contribution to support California water conservation efforts based on customer purchases. From August 18 to September 17, for each new purchase of a Digital Life product made at participating California retail locations AT&T will donate $10 to The Nature Conservancy for projects like “Save the Sierra Nevada: Save our Water,” with a minimum contribution of $50,000 and a maximum of $100,000. New and upgrade purchases are eligible for a contribution as well.

“Water is a vital natural resource and using it wisely is important not only to our business, but to our community, our environment and California’s economy,” said Ken McNeely, President of AT&T California. “AT&T is doing our part to help conserve water through our business operations, our products and services, and by contributing to The Nature Conservancy for investment in water projects to protect the Northern Sierra Nevada.”

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, household water leaks can waste more than one trillion gallons of water annually – equal to the yearly household water use of 11 million homes. The average household's leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year.

Meanwhile, snow pack on the craggy peaks of the Sierra Nevada provide 60 percent of California’s water supply. AT&T’s donation supports The Nature Conservancy projects like “Save the Sierra Nevada: Save our Water,” which protects and restores the forests and meadows of the Sierra to help increase the state’s water supply and improve water quality. The project aims to conserve 50,000 acres of critical land to act as a natural reservoir and help increase the amount of water flowing into California’s rivers and streams for years to come.

“The Northern Sierra Nevada is not only beautiful, but also a vital source of water for Californians,” said David Edelson, Project Director for the Northern Sierra, The Nature Conservancy in California. “AT&T’s support enables the Conservancy to protect and restore these forests and meadows so that everyone – people and nature – can have clean water.”

AT&T is committed to helping conserve California’s water. In 2013, AT&T set a goal of reducing the company’s global water use by 150 million gallons annually. AT&T is also helping others to conserve through its network, products and services, and with contributions to organizations that invest in water conservation projects. You can read more about AT&T’s water management efforts in the company’s Water Management issue brief, and learn more about how AT&T is using the power of its network to build a better tomorrow at

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