As World Earth Day turns 50, Telia says we don't have time not to digitalise

Half a century has passed since 20 million people took to the streets to fight for a better environment in what was the first World Earth Day. What they pointed a finger on with their action is arguably even more relevant today as its 50th anniversary is celebrated with a five-day climate conference online in which Telia Company participates.

“The world needs to reduce the global emissions of green-house gases by half in the next ten years. Digital solutions applied in the right way is one very important enabler to achieve that goal,” says Sara Nordbrand, Head of Sustainability with Telia Company.

On April 22, which is the day dedicated to education and innovation – in other words: big ideas! – she will talk about the power of digitalization exemplified by the Internet of Things (IoT) solution Telia Company has brought to New York City.

“Transportation make up roughly 14 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. At Telia Company we have developed several solutions to improve traffic flows, make public transportation an even more attractive option to taking your own car. In New York we have reduced emissions with our IoT solution. By connecting busses and traffic lights by putting sensors in them, people will know exactly when the bus arrives and the traffic flows more smoothly,” says Sara.

The solution is just one example of many, which are scalable and possible to use all over the world. Telia’s green digital solutions present business opportunities while improving people’s lives and bringing environmental benefits.

“The only barrier is the imagination. Today we are using natural resources in a very unsustainable way. The digital solutions that we provide can help customers use electricity, fuel, water etcetera much more efficiently. There are studies showing that the industry Telia Company is part of can – through digital products and services - help reduce CO2 emissions by 10 tons for every ton of CO2 that we emit. The technology exists, and the solutions are scalable already today.”

Read more about the conference, the program and the panel Telia Company is represented on and how you can take part of the event here; Earth Day Week, April 20–25.

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