ETSI launches F5G standards group for fixed networks

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Luca Pesando, Chairman, ETSI ISG F5G

ETSI has launched a new group dedicated to specifying what it terms the “fifth generation” of fixed network (ETSI ISG F5G). This fifth-generation will address three main use cases, a full-fiber connection, enhanced fixed broadband, and a guaranteed, reliable experience.

ETSI says the ISG F5G aims at studying the fixed-network evolution required to match and further enhance the benefits that 5G has brought to mobile networks and communications. It will seek to define improvements with respect to previous solutions and the new characteristics of the fifth-generation fixed network. This opens up new opportunities by comprehensively applying fiber technology to various scenarios, turning the FTTH paradigm into “Fiber to Everything Everywhere”.

During its inaugural meeting at the end of February, the group elected Luca Pesando of TIM Group as the Chairman of the ISG and defined five work areas:

  • F5G use cases; including services to consumers and enterprises 
  • Landscape of F5G technology and standards
  • Definition of fixed network generations 
  • Architecture of F5G; including on-premises, access, IP and transport networks
  • F5G quality of experience

TelecomTV spoke to Luca to learn more about the aims and objectives of the F5G group.

Filmed at: TelecomTV Studios, London, February 2020

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