Innovation in 5G standardization

Published on:
Tuesday, 24th November, 2020
Guy Daniels, Director of Content, TelecomTV
Balazs Bertenyi, 3GPP TSG RAN Chairman, (Nokia)

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The cellular ecosystem has been a major success story for the notion of a single global standard. Ever since 3G, the cellular industry has been relying upon and reaping the benefits of the global collaborative standardization efforts of 3GPP. To a large extent this success is attributable to a balanced unison of drivers from innovation, research, commercial deployment, and ecosystem growth. 

The success of the 3GPP standards machinery is nowhere more apparent than in the rapid and successful development of 5G specifications that led to the global deployment of 5G much faster than any previous generation. How has this been possible? What are the key ingredients of 5G standards development going forward? How are the different elements of innovation coming to a balanced set of standards?

Recorded from TelecomTV Studio A, November 2020


Guy Daniels

Director of Content, TelecomTV


Balazs Bertenyi

3GPP TSG RAN Chairman, (Nokia)


Mr Balazs Bertenyi received an M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications in 1998 at the Technical University of Budapest.

Balazs joined Nokia in 1998 and started to work on circuit switched mobile switching. In 1999 he joined the research group on IP Multimedia and has led various strategic projects for Nokia and then for Nokia Siemens Networks on Core Network architecture and standards.

He started working in 3GPP standardization in 2001, leading the Nokia and later the Nokia Siemens Networks delegation in the architecture group (SA2) of 3GPP.

In 2007 he was elected as Chairman of the Architecture Working Group (SA2) in 3GPP, and served 2 consecutive terms until 2011.

In 2011 he was elected as Chairman of 3GPP Technical Specification Group Services and System Aspects (TSG-SA), has been re-elected in 2013, and has been serving as Chairman of this key standards group until March/2015.

With the start of 5G studies Balazs has moved to radio standardization, and has been a delegate in 3GPP RAN covering 5G topics for Nokia. He also led an internal 5G architecture program that drove Nokia’s standardization efforts.

In March/2017 Balazs was elected as Chairman of 3GPP RAN thereby taking a key global role in shaping 5G standards, and has been serving in this role since. In his role Balazs successfully led 3GPP to the creation of the first phase of global 5G standards in 2018, and has led shaping the further evolution of 5G towards its holistic vision.

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