Towards the future of NFV: Edgenative, Containization, Networking-NFV convergence

Published on:
Monday, 19th April, 2021
Presented by:
Dr. Haopeng Zhu, Director, The Cloud Core Network, Architecture & Design, Huawei Technologies Co.

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Abstract/Presentation overview

Collaborating with operators, Huawei has deployed a world largest 5G SA network in China in 2020, providing services to more than 300 million users. This 5G SA network is built on top of the hyper-scale telecom cloud compliant with the ETSI NFV standard. As the operators expanding their 5G network deployment, telecom cloud is gradually evolving from virtualization towards a containerized infrastructure which enables network agility and cloud native. In addition, with the rapid growth of 5G in vertical industries and the surge of on premise deployment, mobile core networks are stretching to the edge and MEC becomes a necessary extension to the mobile networks. The combination of NFV and MEC technology can meet operators' requirements to softwarize and cloudify the mobile networks, and bring in new concepts and innovations such as edge native, cloud-network convergence, etc.

In this presentation, Huawei will share the experience and the best practices of deploying a large scale telecom cloud, and share our views on the future of the telecom cloud regarding containerization and edge deployment:

  1. Cloud native convergence with edge native: utilizing NFV-MANO to provide a coordinated orchestration for network and compute resources, a unified scheduling of both central and edge sites, converged management of VM, container and bare metal, and a higher level autonomy of telecom cloud management;
  2. Intelligent management: massive amount of edge sites require a further simplified, and automated management and operation system, to ease the deployment of network, improve the awareness of network status and optimize service quality;
  3. Extend network to the edge: interconnect the massive sites, and adjust compute and network resources flow in response to real-time usage.


Haopeng Zhu

Director, The Cloud Core Network, Architecture & Design, Huawei Technologies Co.


Chief solution architect of Huawei CloudCore product line

Director of Huawei CloudCore product line Architecture & Design Department

Mainly responsible for the product line level solution architecture design and planning. Researching on new technologies and designing long-term technology strategy. Track and respond to technology drivers and business drivers. Professional experiences for ICT solutions like IoT platform, mobile voice, IMS, VoLTE, Mobile broadband and 5G Core.

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