Open source building on the standard – Anuket way

Published on:
Monday, 19th April, 2021
Presented by:
Al Morton, TSC Co-Chair, Anuket, Linux Foundation
Heather Kirksey, VP, Community and Ecosystem Development, Linux Foundation
Walter Kozlowsk, Principal Cloud Architect, Telstra

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Abstract/Presentation overview

The new Anuket Project was formed in 2021 from the OPNFV open source project and the CNTT telco task force, to continue both community's missions in an efficient way. CNTT was formed to consolidate the network operators' voices in Reference Models, Architecture Requirements, and OPNFV adds Infrastructure conformance programs and testing tools to deliver network services faster, more reliably, and securely. It could be said that this combined project was formed because there were gaps in existing specifications/implementations. There are examples where Anuket open source projects have collaborated with ETSI NFV ISG and adopted relevant specifications. The current presentation is focused on the evolution and future Anuket / ETSI NFV interactions in reference specifications, implementations and testing.


Al Morton

TSC Co-Chair, Anuket, Linux Foundation


Al Morton is a Lead Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Labs, Middletown, New Jersey. He has been a chairman and recognized contributor in US and International network performance standards committees for more than 25 years. He authored or co-authored more than 31 IETF RFCs, and is a committer on several Linux Foundation projects. He has worked at Bell Labs, the U.S. Army Satellite Communications Agency, and Computer Sciences Corporation. Al spends his spare time making and enjoying music with friends and family on the New Jersey Shore and Chicago, Illinois.

Heather Kirksey

VP, Community and Ecosystem Development, Linux Foundation


Heather Kirksey works with the community to advance the adoption and implementation of open source NFV platforms.

Before joining The Linux Foundation, she led strategic technology alliances for MongoDB. Earlier in her career she held various leadership positions in the telecom industry, including running a partner program for CPE, doing solutions marketing for the IP division at Alcatel-Lucent, and working in business development and numerous standards activities.

Heather received her master’s degree in English literature from the University of Texas, Austin.

Walter Kozlowsk

Principal Cloud Architect, Telstra


Walter Kozlowski is the Principal Cloud Architect at Telstra, leading the technology transformation into a containerized, programmable, software-controlled, telco cloud environment. Besides several IT and telco related roles at Telstra, he had worked also for IBM and HP Global Practice. He has a long active experience in the industry organisations including TMF, ToG, LFN, and GSMA. Currently, he is the Lead of the Cloud Infrastructure Reference Model at Linux Foundation, the Co-lead of the Technical Steering Committee of Cloud iNfrastructure Telco Taskforce (CNTT), and the Chair of GSMA Open Infrastructure Task Force (OITF) providing a liaison between the CNTT and GSMA activities. Walter has the Ph.D. (Mathematics/Information Science), he was a Fulbright Scholar at California Institute of Technology. He currently holds the position of the Adjunct Professor at the University of New South Wales. Since 2009, Walter is certified as The Open Group Distinguished IT Architect and a member of the ToG Certification Board. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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