How OpenShift can enable a Unified Edge architecture

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Jul 8, 2020

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Laurent Marchand, CEO, Kaloom, & Chris Wright, CTO, Red Hat

Red Hat is well-known for its open source software for the enterprise and telco communities, but Kaloom is a new player in the networking space. Its Cloud Edge Fabric with embedded 5G User Plane Function provides an optimized solution for the Telco Edge. Kaloom has adopted OpenShift for its Control Plane Software and a programmable P4 environment for its data plane. 

Mobile operators who are deploying at the Edge face the problem of having to pack a lot of servers into a limited space with corresponding constraints on power and cooling. Not only do they have to run basic infrastructure services, but they also need to run services such as 5G Core control plane nodes, content delivery apps, various IoT frameworks, security and so forth. Hence the idea of a Unified Edge system.

Laurent Marchand, CEO of Kaloom, and
Chris Wright, CTO at Red Hat

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