Why cloud native is essential to delivering the automation, agility and innovation needed to support new services

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Panel Discussion

In the last of this year’s DSP Leaders World Forum debates, we welcomed on stage a number of senior experts, below, to discuss cloud-native automation. Sharing some of the operator’s cloud-native strategy smarts, Orange’s CTIO for Europe, Arnaud Vamparys, in his role as co-host, explained that the cloud-native telco transformation process needs to be carefully planned step by step, but that the impact on automated operations will be significant along each of those steps, especially once 5G standalone core platforms are deployed.

Broadcast live 24th May 2023



Arnaud Vamparys

CTIO Europe, Orange


Guy Daniels

Director of Content, TelecomTV

Heather Kirksey

VP Ecosystem and Community, LF Networking

Ignacio Gonzalez Guijarro

Business Development Manager, Telco Technology Office, Red Hat

Partha Seetala

President, Cloud BU, Rakuten Symphony

Sebastiano Tevarotto

Customer Success Champion, Optiva

Shawn Hakl

VP 5G Strategy, Microsoft