Extra Shot - part 3 featuring Colt Technology, NGMN Alliance and Wind River

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Extra Shot with Charlotte Kan

Join Charlotte Kan for TelecomTV’s sister programme, the Extra Shot, recorded live at DSP Leaders World Forum 2024 for our online audience. Charlotte welcomes speakers, attendees, and analysts to the Extra Shot set for instant analysis and reactions to each session, as well as the low-down on the 2024 forum. Among the questions raised were:

  • How to define cloud native and how is it different from cloud hosting?
  • How we go about implementing cloud native?
  • What are the key challenges in shifting from the current model to cloud native?


  • Anita Döhler, CEO, NGMN Alliance
  • Mirko Voltolini, VP of Innovation, Colt Technology
  • Nico Marziliano, VP international telco sales at Wind River

Broadcast live on 5 Jun 2024 at DSP Leaders World Forum