The latest carrier conundrum: How to enhance service innovation and delivery while improving energy efficiency

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Panel Discussion

In the fourth debate of this year’s DSP Leaders World Forum in Windsor, we were joined on stage by a number of senior experts in the telecom network field, below, to discuss ways to enhance network energy efficiency without compromising service innovation. Co-hosting the session, BT Group’s chief security and networks officer, Howard Watson, identified the ‘overprovision paradox’ as one of the main challenges of shifting networks to new systems and platforms and concluded that pulling the plug on legacy infrastructure and running networks in a ‘clever way’ are key to improving network energy efficiency.

Broadcast live 23rd May 2023



Howard Watson

Group Chief Security and Networks Officer, BT Group


Ray Le Maistre

Editorial Director, TelecomTV

Anita Döhler

CEO, NGMN Alliance

Francesca Serravalle

Head of Infrastructure and Energy, Vodafone UK

Manish Singh

CTO, Telecom Systems Business, Dell Technologies

Warren Bayek

Vice President, Technology, Wind River