Achieving maximum operational efficiency: How service providers can best operate at speed and scale

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

May 23, 2023

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Panel Discussion

How can service providers achieve operational efficiency at a time when the industry is facing restrictions on capital expenditure? The answer could lie with automation and a shift in strategy towards operating at both speed and scale, but just how automated should a telco strive to be? And for those on their way to becoming digital services providers (DSPs) through network transformation, what other methods are available to help maximise operational efficiency and what are the implications for service provision?

Broadcast live 23rd May 2023



Iain Milligan

Chief Network Officer, Three UK


Guy Daniels

Director of Content, TelecomTV

Alexander Haväng

CTO, Sandvine

Amol Phadke

MD & GM Global Communications Service Provider Industry, Google Cloud

Ken Ranger

COO, BAI Communications UK

Mark Gilmour

CTO, ConnectiviTree (Europe) AG

Nastasi Karaiskos,

Managing Director, Rakuten Symphony UK

Warren Bayek

Vice President, Technology, Wind River