The evolution of network functions from VNF to CNF

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As the industry moves towards cloud native network functions (CNFs), is there still a future for VM-based virtual network functions (VNFs)? And on this journey, are pre-integrated bundles anything other than a stop-gap solution until the market matures and more telcos become cloud native? Or will the reality be a mix of VNFs and CNFs for the foreseeable future?


Ahmed Zaidi

Telco Cloud NFV, 5G Core Architect, Orange

Heather Kirksey

VP Ecosystem and Community, LF Networking

Ildikó Váncsa

Senior Manager, Community & Ecosystem, Open Infrastructure Foundation

Miguel Carames

Executive Director Cloud and Technology Planning Global Network & Technology, Verizon Wireless

Neil McRae

Managing Director Architecture & Technology Strategy and Chief Architect, BT