Fast track to a cloud-native telco

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Panel Discussion

Not all telcos have started the evolution towards cloud native. Some are still debating why it is needed. To help encourage an industry-wide adoption of cloud native, this panel looks at the key steps required to create and implement a cloud-native approach for telcos. We start with defining the vision, then move on to the creation and implementation of roadmaps, before discussing the all-important task of enabling an ecosystem of partners to take this work to commercialisation. The panel also considers whether an ‘all-in’ approach is best, or if it is better to start with a small ‘internalised’ deployment before scaling out?

Recorded September 2023


Matt Halligan

Chief Technology Officer, Optiva Inc.


Mattias Fridström

Vice President and Chief Evangelist, Arelion


Mirko Voltolini

VP of Innovation, Colt Technology


Partha Seetala

President, Cloud BU, Rakuten Symphony

Peter Wörndle

Senior Expert Deployment Architectures, Ericsson Cloud Software & Services