Cloud-native application development

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Panel Discussion

One of the main advantages of cloud native is with regards to application development. Using agile development techniques, telcos can build, scale and fail fast. However, to succeed they need to learn how to build and package their applications for cloud deployment, be aware of application availability and resiliency, and be in control of the full application lifecycle. They need to onboard applications fast with CI/CD pipelines, monitor performance and react to demand – scaling up or closing down. Furthermore, they need an organisational structure in place to enable these benefits, and that means embracing techniques like DevOps and platform engineering.

Recorded September 2023



Danielle Rios Royston

Acting CEO, Totogi

Diego R. Lopez

Senior Technology Expert, Telefónica, Chair of ETSI ZSM ISG, NOC of ETSI ISG NFV

Franz Seiser

Executive Tribe Lead Network Function Cloudification and Disaggregation, Deutsche Telekom