Using AIOps for operational efficiencies

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Panel Discussion

AIOps is an established concept in the IT industry but a relatively new one to telcos. Deployed correctly, ‘AI operations’ can facilitate end-to-end network automation and zero-touch operations, accelerating decision-making with a more agile and reactive intent-based approach. How can telcos best leverage AIOps to reduce operating expenditure (opex) and achieve network efficiency gains, and just how mature is the technology today? Is it a viable and necessary part of the new cloud-native and AI-native telco model, and what are the challenges and issues that could affect its successful adoption?

Recorded October 2023


Beth Cohen

SDN Product Strategies, Verizon

Danielle Rios Royston

Acting CEO, Totogi

Jason Hogg

GM Azure for Operators, Microsoft

Juan Manuel Caro Bernat

Director Autonomous Networks, Telefónica

Mark Gilmour

CTO, ConnectiviTree (Europe) AG

Roman Ferrando

Principal Analyst, Appledore Research