Orchestration evolution and the promise of NaaS

By Guy Daniels, Ray Le Maistre

Nov 2, 2022

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Live Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

This panel discussion and Q&A show, broadcast live during day two of our Network Automation Summit, saw TelecomTV’s Guy Daniels and Ray Le Maistre joined by guest speakers who discussed the ultimate purpose of network service orchestration and addressed audience questions.

What is the ultimate purpose of network service orchestration? What is the current best practice for orchestrating the various hardware and software elements required for network automation, and how can this be improved? And what happens when a telco adopts a multi-cloud approach - how does it avoid an increase in orchestration complexity and overhead? How does this all fit in with service provider network as a service (NaaS) strategies?

First Broadcast Live: October 2022


Chris Voudouris

Chief Technology and Information Officer, Neos Networks

Dr Diego R. Lopez

Senior Technology Expert, Telefónica

Johanne Mayer

Founder and Director, NaaS Compass

Neil McRae

Managing Director of Architecture & Technology Strategy and BT Chief Architect, BT

Sebastian Thalanany

Technologist, Adviser, and Author, UScellular