Live Q&A featuring Appledore, ConnectiviTree (Europe) AG, Microsoft, and Verizon

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Live Q&A discussion

This Live Q&A Show was broadcast at the end of day two of the AI-Native Telco Summit. TelecomTV’s Guy Daniels was joined by industry guest panellists for this question and answer session. Among the questions raised by our audience were:

  • What are the AI use cases for telcos? What are the quick wins and what new use cases are enabled by AI?
  • AI has been applied to telco solutions for more than a decade, so what are CSPs going to do differently this time? What impact is GenAI going to have?
  • We are still far from the vision of the AI-native network, although 3GPP and the O-RAN Alliance are starting to address this. How will the standards develop and what challenges need to be overcome?
  • How is the adoption of AI by telcos going to change the customer experience?
  • How can you unify the operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) data models by using AI?
  • Is there a danger of mixing ‘AIOps’ with ‘using AI to operate the network’? Do we need to be more careful with our terminology?
  • Increased AI and automation adoption in the telecom sector means less workforce is required to do the jobs, so how do telcos address this potential threat to employees’ livelihoods?
  • Is there a way to use AI to pursue the DSP transformation journey, such as understanding an operational future state, or assessing pain points and business needs?

First Broadcast Live: October 2023


Beth Cohen

SDN Product Strategies, Verizon

Jason Hogg

GM Azure for Operators, Microsoft

Mark Gilmour

CTO, ConnectiviTree (Europe) AG

Roman Ferrando

Principal Analyst, Appledore Research