Verizon Business eyes global reach with new eSIM IoT connectivity platform

  • Verizon Business is eager to capture global enterprise opportunities
  • It has launched a global IoT eSIM platform that, it claims, offers seamless connectivity
  • The company has attracted Telenor and Bell Canada as partners, and is setting up many more to cover all territories worldwide

Verizon Business is aiming to better meet the needs of enterprise customers with a new international internet of things (IoT) platform that combines the benefits of embedded SIM (eSIM) technology and multiple mobile network partnerships.

In a statement, the enterprise-focused arm of US telco giant Verizon explained that the platform, dubbed Verizon Global IoT Orchestration, will enable IoT devices that operate in multiple regions to connect natively via eSIM from one of the company’s international telco roaming partners.

Initially, Bell Canada and Telenor are Verizon Business’s mobile network operator (MNO) partners for this new service which, according to Verizon, allows its customers to receive and manage eSIM connectivity in the US, Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

That list of partners is to be expanded, though, as the company says it will add further MNO eSIM partners in additional territories by the end of the year, with a view to covering 200 countries and regions.

Verizon’s platform will enable enterprise IoT devices to operate “just like a network subscriber” in the telco partner’s service footprint, the company stated. It will also make use of each partner’s “full technical, commercial and multi-network coverage capabilities and enabling solutions that require local connectivity.”

The platform is integrated within the Verizon ThingSpace IoT management platform that, the operator boasts, enables “connectivity management of IoT at scale” and allows global and domestic IoT connections to be managed centrally.

“The move toward global IoT reflects the reality of doing business in the massive IoT era. The number of IoT devices is expanding rapidly and fleets are fanning outward, so our customers need flexible, reliable connectivity that moves across borders,” said Debika Bhattacharya, chief product officer at Verizon Business. 

“With our partners Bell Canada, Telenor, and more to come, Verizon Global IoT Orchestration will be able to provide that – a globe-spanning footprint with seamless eSIM IoT connectivity,” she added.

Currently, the platform is available to Verizon Business customers in the US for trials.

Verizon has been increasingly active in its efforts to seize opportunities on a global scale, with the most recent indication of its ambitions coming in the form of its London Hub, which was recently upgraded to demonstrate the telco’s technological capabilities – see Verizon Business plays its global card with London Hub upgrade.

- Yanitsa Boyadzhieva, Deputy Editor, TelecomTV