Digital transformation can be powered with bend-insensitive fibre optic cables, according to Prysmian

Via Prysmian at RealWire

Nov 16, 2021

Milan, Italy - Today, optical networks need to be adaptable to meet ever-increasing data demands with advancements such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In its latest Industry InsightPrysmian Group emphasised that to support the evolution of these new technologies, it’s crucial that the capacity of optical networks are increased accordingly.

Bend-insensitive fibre optic cables play a crucial role in future-proofing networks for reliable and flexible connectivity. With an extreme fibre count and reduced diameter, the cables also make installations faster and more cost effective. Prysmian Group’s BendBrightXS fibres can provide the necessary standard of cable density, and can support the necessary fibre spectrum demanded by new PON technologies. The fibres minimise the losses that are linked to macro and microbends, optimise operational costs and increase the network lifespan due to a higher repair resilience.

“BendBrightXS fibres support the full use of transmission bands, covering the entire wavelength spectrum. This is increasingly important when future-proofing higher capacity networks, which will likely operate outside of present standard ranges,” said Prysmian Group Executive Vice President Telecom Business Philippe Vanhille. “This data transmission solution enables a safe, connected and powered future for all.”

With the demand for data continuing to increase, fibre networks are becoming more dynamic, crowded and limited for space. Therefore, fibre bends are increasingly likely to occur. Preventing this is a crucial component of high-performing optical networks as bends in fibres can result in power leakages. Prysmian Group’s cabling solutions can help network operators stay ahead of the competition and future-proof networks, saving time, money and space. BendBrightXS cable systems secure all frequency bands and will ensure maximum potential from optical networks.

“Network operators must prepare for future data demands now, ahead of the foreseen surge in required connectivity,” said Vanhille. “Scalability, profitability and space-saving solutions are essential to ensure that operators are ready to power the world of tomorrow, today.”

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