Where are the start-up companies that will transform 5G networks?

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Andrew Coward, CEO, Lumina Networks

Network innovation is essential if CSPs are to remain competitive and offer the dynamic, agile and scalable services that are going to be a pre-requisite for the digital service provider. Yet the sources of this innovation remain elusive.

Andrew Coward, CEO of Lumina Networks, recently wrote a blog on advancing the 5G core in support of the transformation which has captured the industry's attention.

In our interview, we dive deeper into this topic and ask the hard questions around 5G innovation.If they can’t do it themselves, or their existing vendor partners come up short, then where do they turn? Start-ups would be the obvious answer, but that’s not as easy as you may think. Last year set a record for the largest amount of venture capital deployed, yet hardly any is making its way to companies that build technology around telco infrastructure. What’s going wrong?

Filmed at TelecomTV Studios, London, UK

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