Support builds for Carr's 5G Upgrade Order

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Jun 5, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC, June 4, 2020—A diverse coalition came out in support of FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr’s 5G Upgrade Order following its public announcement. The coalition includes local leaders, farmers and ranchers, infrastructure builders, service providers, small businesses, and public policy groups.

The 5G Upgrade Order will help speed upgrades to existing towers—adding, removing, and switching out equipment. The order comes as wireless providers continue a wave of upgrades to 5G.

Local Leaders

Mayor Marian Orr, Cheyenne, Wyoming: “What an elegant solution to providing increased local access to services: using existing towers and being able to bolster connectivity. I support the work being done by Commissioner Carr and others in Washington to bring long overdue guidance for telecom providers when it comes to rolling out 5G technology in rural America.”

Rep. Zach Brown, Montana: “Farmers are increasing crop yield thanks to #broadband-enabled applications that allow the pace, depth, type of seeding & amount of fertilizer needed to be monitored on an inch-by-inch basis. This #5G announcement will only further ag & #rural productivity.”

Sen. Jason Frerichs, South Dakota: “Exciting news for #rural America! Access to #5G will be essential for our farms and ranches in the near future. Thank you all for the work on this Order.”

Paul M. Andres, County Commissioner, Union County, Oregon: “The 5G Upgrade Order aims to address this [connectivity] problem by promoting the use of existing wireless infrastructure. By promoting collocation, this action by the FCC will upgrade connectivity in my community. It will upgrade network performance. It will upgrade the ability of first responders and public safety officials to respond not only during disasters, but also on everyday calls when we need them the most. It will upgrade options for consumers and businesses that often lack choices for broadband. Finally, it will upgrade opportunities for our community.” Board of County Commissioners, Yellowstone County, Montana: “We are writing to the Federal Communications Commission to express our support for the 5G Upgrade Order. This order well help the deployment of next generation, 5G networks in Yellowstone County, MT.”

Travis W. Jones, Chief of Broadview Rural Fire District, Broadview, Montana: “This Order will help promote the deployment of next generation, 5G networks in rural communities across the country. Ensuring we can utilize all available fire mitigation and fighting technology, it is essential that we have access to improved connectivity.”

John Prinkki, former County Commissioner, Carbon County, Montana: “This is very good news for rural America, and has been years in the making. I applaud the FCC for moving forward with this important issue.”

Billings, Montana Chamber of Commerce: “Good news for our #rural areas. When eastern Montana does well, Billings does well.”

Farmers and Ranchers

American Agri-Women, President Karolyn Zurn: “The plan was laid out thoroughly and we can finally see a future of expanded connectivity to help farmers and ranchers be competitive with online marketing, Precision Ag, and to serve rural America.”

Missouri Department of Agriculture: “#Broadband access is key to bringing the next generation back to our farms and ranches across Missouri! We're excited to see Commissioner @BrendanCarrFCC pushing forward on the expansion of #5G technologies throughout #rural America.”

Montana Grain Growers Association, Michelle Erickson Jones: “Rural broadband access is vital for the future and health of #rural communities, investment in expanding #5G access for all Americans should be a top priority. Thank you, Commissioner Carr!”

National Association of State Departments of Agriculture: “#Ruralbroadband access is vital for the future and health of #rural communities. Investment in expanding #5G access for all Americans should be a top priority especially during the #COVID19 pandemic. Thank you, Commissioner Carr!”

National Farmers Union: “1 in 3 rural Americans still don’t have access to broadband, making it difficult for farmers to reach customers, purchase inputs, & access info about the weather & markets . . . . [T]he FCC’s 5G upgrade is a big step in the right direction.”

Rural and Agriculture Council of America: “RACA looks forward to the opportunities that advanced #5G broadband services will bring to our residents, businesses and visitors. We encourage the Commission to continue its efforts to reduce regulatory barriers that will promote those opportunities in #rural areas.”

United States Cattlemen’s Association: “Thank you, Commissioner Carr! We’ve appreciated your support over the years to bring expanded #broadband access to #rural areas - you might be the first @FCC Commissioner to step foot in a livestock sale barn.”

Service Providers and Infrastructure Builders

American Tower Corporation, President Steven O. Vondran: “American Tower Corporation applauds the Federal Communications Commission’s proposal to act on the petitions of the Wireless Infrastructure Association and CTIA, which seek to clarify certain laws surrounding the siting of macro wireless facilities. These clarifications, along with the Commission’s already successful and ongoing initiatives, will likely help remove barriers to infrastructure deployment and speed delivery of advanced wireless communications services across the country.”

Competitive Carriers Association, President & CEO Steven K. Berry: “I applaud Commissioner Carr for his work on the 5G Upgrade Order and am very glad to see the Commission will vote on the order during its June Open Meeting. I thank Chairman Pai and Commissioner Carr for their commitment and leadership on infrastructure reform. Infrastructure is the backbone of wireless networks, and streamlining burdensome, unnecessary processes will greatly benefit carriers wishing to enhance and expand their networks. Ultimately, consumers stand to be the real winners, and I commend the Commission for its plan to consider further reform at its upcoming Open Meeting.”

Crown Castle: “Thank you @BrendanCarrFCC for your continued leadership on initiatives to accelerate wireless infrastructure builds, including the draft of the #5G Upgrade Order—it brings clarity that will help advance next-gen infrastructure.”

CTIA, President & CEO Meredith Attwell Baker: “Commissioner Carr’s proposal will advance the long-standing bipartisan consensus to give wireless providers greater flexibility to rapidly upgrade existing facilities with next-generation infrastructure critical to American leadership in the emerging 5G economy.”

National Association of Tower Erectors, President & CEO Todd Schlekeway: “On behalf of the Association’s over 980 member companies who enable wireless connectivity, NATE commends Commissioner Carr for his ongoing leadership in helping spearhead initiatives that will streamline 5G deployment in the United States. The measures outlined in Commissioner Carr’s 5G Upgrade Order will serve to help scale 5G in the country and allow more communities, enterprises and citizens to experience the benefits of next-generation wireless technology.”

VIKOR Teleconstruction, CEO Craig Snyder: “Upgrading sites to 5G is something our tower crews do every day, and this regulatory relief will allow our teams to install next-gen connections in even more communities.”

Wireless Infrastructure Association, President & CEO Jonathan Adelstein: “WIA offered a virtual standing ovation to Commissioner Carr for announcing FCC plans to clarify its rules to promote network upgrades on existing towers and other wireless sites.  WIA has advocated for streamlining colocation because our members are seeing that, in some cases, Congress’s goal of making it easier to collocate equipment on existing wireless sites is being stymied in practice.”

Public Policy, Small Business, and Technology Groups

CompTIA: “CompTIA supports the @FCC's efforts to streamline the rules for #5G #wireless infrastructure deployment across the country and thanks @BrendanCarrFCC for his leadership in helping expand #broadband access to all Americans.”

Computer and Communications Industry Association, President Matt Schruers: “Recent events have shown that reliable networks are necessary for Americans to work and learn remotely. Upgrading to 5G networks is a critical step in building the infrastructure needed for the 21st century, CCIA supports the Commission’s efforts to facilitate 5G deployment.”

Consumer Tech Association, CEO Gary Shapiro: “The FCC’s announcement today is welcome news for America’s consumers and tech innovators. 5G will help power the future—enabling the consumer technology industry to develop products that will improve our lives. For these innovations to reach their full potential, broadband providers must be able to readily deploy and upgrade their wireless networks. The FCC is making this possible by streamlining the regulatory process to encourage network buildout and, by doing so, it will help our society achieve the benefits of 5G.”

Free State Foundation: “The effort to speed deployment of #5G networks is now even more important than ever as America seeks to reinvigorate its economy. The persistent leadership of @BrendanCarrFCC has been crucial!”

LGBT Tech: “Increased deployment and access to high-speed broadband is important for all Americans right now, especially for #LGBTQ Americans.”

R Street Institute, Jeffrey Westling: “The FCC’s declaratory ruling is a great next step in promoting broadband deployment in the United States.”

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, President & CEO Karen Kerrigan: “The 5G Upgrade Order amends an existing framework with new rules that will bring transformative 5G technology to small businesses across the country, including rural America. SBE Council and our small business members are very appreciative of Commissioner Carr’s leadership on everything 5G.”

TechLatino: “@TechLatino supports the @FCC's #5G Upgrade Order that will help #Latinocommunities nationwide. Thanks @BrendanCarrFCC!”

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