Huawei releases 5G LampSite Family as all Indoor Scenarios Go to 5G

Via Huawei Corporate News

Nov 19, 2018

[London, UK, November 19, 2018] During the 2018 Global MBB Forum, Huawei released its 5G LampSite Family solutions oriented to all indoor scenarios. Developed using the DIS architecture, the 5G LampSite Family solutions are able to help carriers build 5G indoor networks that boast ultra-fast user experience, easy management, and quick deployment.

5G will give indoor networks a prominent position within the industry. With 5G, more than 70% of services will be provided indoors. Panoramic HD video, VR, cloud gaming, and cloud PC will be predominantly performed indoors. Forecasts show that 70% of data traffic will be generated indoors in 5G. At the initial stage of 5G, eMBB services are expected to provide considerable help in upgrading user experience. This will continue to stimulate the momentum of indoor traffic. Wireless eHealth, smart manufacturing, and indoor positioning and navigation require a strong support from powerful 5G indoor networks.

Ritchie Peng, President of Huawei Small Cell Product Line, said: "In 5G, indoor experience will become a key focus for global carriers,” said Ritchie Peng, President of Huawei Small Cell Product Line. “Indoor coverage has many potential scenarios in which challenges and requirements may vary substantially. The indoor scenario-based solutions we launched in 2017 have been widely recognized throughout the industry. DIS represents huge advantages in transitioning to 5G and is already growing increasingly popular with strong support and industry consensus. We are confident that 5G LampSite Family solutions will also be widely accepted and seen as the quintessential tools to help carriers build 5G indoor networks in all scenarios for the best 5G indoor experience."

In the early stages of 5G development, indoor hotspots and high-value areas will be the real keystones for enabling carriers to build leading 5G brands. This will underscore the importance of indoor 5G networks in airports, subways, and shopping malls. Hotels and office buildings, where high-ARPU users are mainly concentrated, will have higher expectations on 5G indoor coverage and user experience, though showing a comparatively small traffic demand. These locations will be another perfect example of critical indoor scenarios for 5G that are only after the hotspots. As the penetration of 5G terminals and applications grows, 5G indoor coverage demands will undoubtedly expand into small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and street shops.

The 5G LampSite Family solutions released by Huawei are scenario-specific offerings, as are the previous LampSite series. LampSite Pro, LampSite Sharing, LampSite Grid, and LampSite Libero will offer full support for 5G. As we are moving closer and closer to a new and exciting 5G era, this allows global carriers to best match the increasingly complex network demands for a broad range of scenarios. Such cases range from capacity-demanding to multi-operator sharing, coverage-dominated, and various SME projects. 5G LampSite Family solutions are quickly gaining wide support across the industry as the ideal choice to build 5G indoor networks. These solutions support C-Band, 4T4R, flexible capacity expansion, and visualized O&M, with the bandwidth reaching 100MHz. Benefiting from such powerful features, customers can enjoy the delivery of easy-to-manage, best-experience 5G indoor networks within the shortest possible time.

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