Hesse: Deutsche Telekom to build 530 new mobile base stations

09-28-2018 George-Stephen McKinney

  • Deutsche Telekom Board Member Dirk Wössner signs declaration of intent
  • Special focus on coverage gaps
  • More security for investments in 5G spectrum allocation

Letter of Intent signed (from left): Tarek Al-Wasir, deputy prime minister and economics minister of Hesse; Dirk Wössner, board member for Germany, and the prime minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier, holding the model of an antenna as a symbol for the roll-out.

Deutsche Telekom will continue to upgrade its mobile communications network in Hesse. The company recently reaffirmed these plans. 530 new base stations will be built by late 2020. By the end of 2021, Deutsche Telekom's LTE network will cover 99.4 percent of households.

This has been formalized in a letter of intent signed with the Hessian state government. At the signing in Wiesbaden, the state's capital, Dirk Wössner, Deutsche Telekom Board member for Germany, said, "Digitalization requires powerful mobile communications networks in both urban and rural areas. These networks are a major driver for innovative transportation concepts and technologies. To enable them, traffic routes have to have the densest possible coverage with mobile communications and 5G."

Hesse: Deutsche Telekom is expanding and modernizing its network

Deutsche Telekom has also launched an extensive program in Hesse to speed up the expansion. The company will build 450 new mobile base stations over the next three years. It also plans to eliminate 80 coverage gaps. A prerequisite is that local municipalities support Deutsche Telekom in realizing its plans. The company is already creating facts on the ground. Since the beginning of this year, the infrastructure has been readied for some 50 new mobile base stations in Hesse.

In addition, Deutsche Telekom is continuing its upgrade efforts. By the end of 2019, it will have equipped most of its 2,170 existing base stations with the latest single RAN technology and LTE 900.

The "#LTEüberall (“#LTEeverywhere") program will ensure that fast data transmission will be possible in areas that currently only support voice telephony. It will be implemented in the coming months.

Modernization is a shared responsibility

Deutsche Telekom invests more than five billion euros in its network every year. Hesse will also benefit from these investments.

Speaking in Wiesbaden, Dirk Wössner emphasized: "I believe in the opportunities that 5G is presenting. We are happy to invest and want Deutsche Telekom to build the best 5G network in the world. That has to be our ambition. Politicians and mobile operators have to support the expansion in rural areas as well. When we select locations for new base stations and then build them, we need the support of the municipal bodies in particular." Deutsche Telekom requires serviceable mobile transmission sites to provide comprehensive coverage.

"We welcome the letter of intent presented today," Wössner continued.

"The planned initiative can eliminate coverage gaps. And funding closes the profitability gap. We will provide a comprehensive network – even in rural areas with low population density and where the terrain makes coverage difficult."

According to Wössner, Deutsche Telekom will do all it can for 5G in Hesse. Their goal is to provide the maximum possible coverage. "But Deutsche Telekom will only be able to commit to such investments in comprehensive coverage if the right framework is established."

He referred to the current debates regarding the upcoming spectrum allocation for 5G. Board member Wössner once again called for greater certainty for future investments, instead of the threat of regulation through the back door, adding that new requirements would risk endangering the "5G experience" for customers.

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