ADVA delivers unprecedented precision in timing networks with TrueTime

Via Adva Optical Networking

Oct 4, 2020

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced a new and robust way to deliver unprecedented levels of precision in timing networks. Built on ADVA’s TrueTime™ technology, this new end-to-end solution will prove key for 5G, smart grid and other time-sensitive applications. Unlike other delivery mechanisms, TrueTime™ uses PTP-optimized optical transport to provide accurate synchronization from the core of the network all the way to the edge. It does this by combining ePRTC core clocks and ultra-precise boundary clocks to ensure nanosecond timing. Not only does this method provide PRTC levels of accuracy, but it’s also more robust than any competing solution and this is key in the battle to mitigate the risk of GNSS vulnerabilities. What’s more, in greenfield deployments, TrueTime™ enables service providers to reduce the number of PRTC core clocks and GNSS equipment, simplifying network management and reducing costs.

Migrating towards a future-proof sync architecture diagram

“Our TrueTime™ solution addresses some of the most urgent challenges for operators of critical infrastructure. It enables highly accurate synchronization throughout the transport network and offers a future-proof way to tackle the risk of reliance on satellite-based timing. From governments concerned with the growing risk of blocked GNSS signals to mobile network operators rolling out next-generation services, our TrueTime™ technology will prove invaluable,” said Henning Hinderthür, VP, product line management, ADVA. “TrueTime™ combines our PTP-optimized FSP 3000 optical transport with our ultra-precise Oscilloquartz technology, including PTP grandmasters with ePRTC capabilities in the core and boundary clock class D technology in metro locations. This even reduces cost and complexity by eliminating the need for unnecessary equipment, enabling operators to streamline their timing infrastructure.”

As well as being the market’s only complete end-to-end solution combining timing, transport and assurance technology, TrueTime™ offers the benefits of a fully integrated synchronization overlay solution.

ADVA TrueTime™ offers new levels of robust and precise synchronization for even the most challenging applications. It achieves this by using a bidirectional channel to deliver SyncE and PTP traffic. Accuracy is ensured by PRTC/ePRTC core clocks featuring OSA 5430/40 in combination with OSA 3230/3350 cesium atomic clocks. Closely-spaced, out-of-band wavelengths help TrueTime™ tackle asymmetric delay and leave all other channels available for customer traffic. What’s more, every element of the TrueTime™ solution is transparently controlled by ADVA’s Ensemble Controller and Ensemble Sync Director management system, featuring Syncjack™ monitoring technology. As well as being the market’s only complete end-to-end solution combining timing, transport and assurance technology, TrueTime™ offers the benefits of a fully integrated synchronization overlay solution. This empowers operators to protect their investment by harnessing rapid innovation cycles.

“All across the world, governments and businesses are realizing that network timing based on GNSS is vulnerable to failure, disruption and interference. Ensuring backup is now seen as a mandatory step towards secure synchronization. What we’re announcing today leverages two key Oscilloquartz innovations: Our boundary clocks now meet class D performance and use multiple clock domains for link redundancy, and our fully redundant ePRTC solutions utilize our new optical atomic clocks. This means that operators can ensure PRTC quality in greenfield networks without the need to invest in PRTCs at every single site,” commented Nir Laufer, senior director, product line management, Oscilloquartz, ADVA. “From our newly enhanced boundary clocks and unique optical cesium technology to the flexible ADVA FSP 3000 open line system, each element is a pre-integrated part of our TrueTime™ solution. And for ultimate efficiency and ease of use, every piece is under the management umbrella of our comprehensive Ensemble Controller and Ensemble Sync Director.”

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