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Forget Smart Cities, in today’s hyper-local culture, Smart Streets are all the rage

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© Deutsche Telekom

  • Hrvatski Telekom creates a Smart Street in Dubrovnik
  • Dubrovnik becomes a Deutsche Telekom T-City
  • Pledge to extend the capabilities throughout the city

Let’s face it, implementing a smart city is a massive undertaking. In fact, it’s such a daunting challenge that it’s a wonder so many smart solutions and IoT services get deployed in the first place, although they tend to be isolated and disconnected. So why not focus your initial efforts on a smaller goal – and create a Smart Street instead?

That’s what Deutsche Telekom’s Croatian subsidiary, Hrvatski Telekom, has done with the City of Dubrovnik. The pilot project, developed through a strategic relationship with Cisco and in collaboration with local partners, is part of a comprehensive Dubrovnik Smart City project, creating a reference “Smart City Center” for Hrvatski Telekom. It’s also been created as part of Dubrovnik's application to be European Capital of Culture in 2020.

“Dubrovnik is a world-renowned tourist gem, a unique city and museum, and, by means of the Dubrovnik Smart City project, it has also become a city of the future,” said Davor Tomašković, President of Hrvatski Telekom. “We are proud to bring national and international partners to Dubrovnik and let them experience technological innovations and solutions that, being interconnected, will change the citizens’ culture of living and quality of life.”

Dubrovnik’s first Smart Street is located at Obala Stjepana Radića, and features public lighting with a “multi-functional sensory network”, a free public WiFi network with a promised throughput of 50Mbit/s, a traffic management solution that uses cameras to identify traffic violations, and a parking management system that automatically recognises vehicles and performs contactless charging of parking fees. There is also monitoring and control of environmental parameters, and all solutions are connected with the city’s legacy systems, with the Cisco Digital Platform keeping all data open for the development of new solutions.

“The smart solutions applied in this Street will directly deal with the citizens’ day-to-day problems,” said Mayor Andro Vlahušić. “We will continue to work on the comprehensive Dubrovnik Smart City project, in strategic collaboration with Hrvatski Telekom, in order to extend smart solutions to the entire city area of Dubrovnik.”

“Deutsche Telekom is working on several smart city initiatives all around Europe with our partners focusing on the areas of smart lighting, smart parking and WiFi implementations to showcase our capabilities in the digital transformation of cities,” said Ralf Nejedl, SVP B2B and ICT at Deutsche Telekom. Hrvatski Telekom is the third telco in the European Union to have completed the IP migration project with the Deutsche Telekom Group.

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