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Executive Insight: using small cells and NFV to deliver local services

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Ronny Haraldsvik, SVP/CMO, SpiderCloud Wireless

SpiderCloud is seeing mounting interest in 3G/4G dual band small cell deployment but there's nothing free in this life: for telcos the real headache is procedural change, says Ronny Haraldsvik, SVP/CMO at SpiderCloud Wireless, interviewed at Small Cells World Summit 2014. Getting the old 100 page manual down to 10 pages takes time. 

Ronny says SpiderCloud pre-empted NFV with its x86-based services node which could also be called an NFV node - using it operators can turn on services such as IP-PBX and location.

Filmed at: Small Cells World Summit 2014, 10 - 12 June, London

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