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Second Look: Controversial spyware company Carrier IQ kicks off privacy discussion on TelecomTV

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Dean Bubley, Charlotte Patrick, Dr Mike Short,

Februrary 2012: this TelecomTV Main Agenda Interactive panel session, moderated by Martyn Warwick, entitled 'The Data Dilemma'. It addressed the question: "Do operators collect user data for the benefit of their customer or for their own commercial and financial betterment?"  The session was held after it emerged that a company called Carrier IQ had created client software which could - theoretically - intercept data, including keystrokes, from smartphones and that the software was already being used by a number of telcos.

At issue was: how and under what circumstances should telcos collect and use customer phone data. And to illuminate that subject we had gathered together:

Dean Bubley, founder Disruptive Analysis

Charlotte Patrick, Principal Research Analyst, Gartner

Dr Mike Short, Vice President, Telefonica Europe

Read today's story on the demise of Carrier IQ Controversial spyware company Carrier IQ bites the dust but Ma Bell picks up its guttering torch

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