Episode 4 – Inside the minds of xennials

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Michael Alcee Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

Michael Alcee, a New York-based psychologist, delves into the nuanced world of xennials, a generation at the unique crossroads of the analogue and digital eras. He believes xennials, seamlessly synthesise, empathise and mobilise, drawing strength from the unique fusion of analogue nostalgia and digital progressiveness. Alcee explains how this generation is characterised by its unique cognitive and emotional flexibility, adeptly navigating between seemingly incompatible worlds, translating, mediating and bridging divides. Their emotional intelligence, combined with tech-savviness, results in innovative leadership styles, as seen in leaders like Zelensky and Ardern. Compared to older gen Xers, they effortlessly pivot between personal and professional realms, maintaining a personal warmth yet retaining the etiquette of the analogue world.

Recorded November 2023