Episode 3 - ‘It’s the economy, stupid!’ - Globalisation, monetary aches and pains, neoliberalism, Greenspan, and a medley of ’90s economics

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Gilles Moec, AXA Group Chief Economist and AXA IM Head of Research

This episode of Xennials will explore the dynamic decade of the 1990s, a pivotal period characterised by strong economic growth, technological advances, and significant monetary and fiscal policies globally. We’ll discuss how these factors shaped the xennial generation, positioned between generation X and millennials. Our guest, Gilles Moec, chief economist at AXA, provides insights into major events like the 1997–98 Asian and EM financial crisis, the European monetary system crisis of 1992, the rise of neoliberalism, and the consolidation of global economic power. We also touch on the implications of these events for today’s economic and political landscape, including the formation of the euro and the emergence of the United States as the world’s sole superpower post-Cold War.

Recorded November 2023