Episode 2 - The dawn of the mobile phone - from fad to full-time fixation

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Ben Wood, Chief Analyst & CMO, CCS Insight, Founder & Co-Curator, Mobile Phone Museum

This episode of Xennials dives into the rapid evolution of mobile phones, from a mere 12 million subscriptions in 1990 to an astonishing 8.6 billion today, surpassing the world’s population. Ben Wood, chief analyst and CMO at CCS Insight and the founder of the Mobile Phone Museum, joins host, Charlotte Kan, to unpack the transformational journey of mobile devices during the ‘90s. From joining the then up-and-coming British company Vodafone in 1994, to witnessing the zenith of BlackBerry‘s dominance, Ben provides a first-hand account of the industry‘s ever-shifting landscape. We also delve into the profound societal shifts brought about by mobile devices. While these gadgets democratised access to information and education, they also paved the way for addiction, cyberbullying and misinformation. As they gaze into the crystal ball, Ben and Charlotte discuss the future of mobile technology: Will smartphones remain ubiquitous, or will innovations like smart tech dominate?

Recorded November 2023