Huawei video strategy aims to help carriers offer new video experiences, with a simplified network and ecosystem that enables innovation

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, September 15, 2018: Huawei has unveiled its video technology strategy at the IBC2018 conference in Amsterdam. According to Jerry He, Vice President of Huawei’s Cloud Core Network Product Line, the company is focused on providing a powerful video platform and next-generation media processing capabilities capable of delivering the ultimate video experience, a simplified network, and a video technology ecosystem that will enable carriers to create new business opportunities.

Jerry He, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei’s Cloud of Core Network Product Line:

"Video today is crossing industry and technology boundaries to deliver a new level of video experience. New capabilities such as Ultra HD, immersive VR, personalized AI, and natural interaction are coming together to create new varieties of video experience. The importance of this business innovation is not being missed by major carriers around the world.

In delivering these new services to the home, viewers are engaging with VR in ways that break through the limitations of time and space, enabling new kinds of interactive video experiences. At the same time, a new generation of smart home terminals looks set to replace the existing physical format of set-top boxes. Such smart boxes can deliver a range of services in addition to TV including new applications such as the smart sound box, home security, interactive games and more.

In the B2B realm, video and media capabilities are finding their way into a wide range of industries and processes adding depth and new capabilities to fields like transportation, healthcare and finance.

Innovative next-generation media are increasingly looking to Content Delivery Networks (CDN technology) to fully realize the capabilities of cloud and networks, building a simplified network based on OTT video. OTT is making a massive amount of content available, but its end-to-end delay can be long and unicast and thus is not applicable to live TV scenarios. It is also difficult to meet the requirements of carrier-grade live TV services. Huawei uses Multicast Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) technology to move multicast replication points downwards in OTT for live TV scenarios, saving network bandwidth by nearly 20%. Use the CMAF(Common Media Application Format) technology to implement the viewing experience of E2E delay less than 10 seconds in a live broadcast scenario. In that scenario JITX(Just in Time) technology is used to adapt to multiple OTT terminal encoding formats, improving efficiency and saving storage.

Video ecosystem is an important component of Huawei's video strategy. Huawei currently aggregates nearly 200 content providers and has helped more than 150 operators to provide high-quality content services. By cooperating with global mainstream OTT partners, Huawei helps customers introduce OTT content. In eight regions around the world, Huawei has OPEN LAB platforms available to undertake pre-integration and joint innovation working with local partners to enable operators to launch successful video services. In addition, Huawei provides converged video cloud services and media cloud services. The company has established regional centers in Hong Kong, Latin America and Europe that focus on IPTV, mobile video, and OTT video services. Huawei works with its partners to help them provide one-stop HD video services such as live TV, VOD, interactive live TV, and short video services for families and individuals. Huawei has also released a video cloud service with European nodes that supports European customers and allows them to concentrate on their ecosystem and joint innovation in the video cloud field.

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